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    We've been a proud member of the Professional Bail Agents of Idaho Inc. since 1995. Since then we have been working day and night to protect our client's 8th amendment right to bail. We serve all our clients with respect and care. Here is our detailed contact information and a few of our proud achievements.

Contact Info:

CJ Nemeth / Astro Bail Bonds

Mountain Home, Idaho 83647

License Number # 37511


Member of Professional Bail Agents of Idaho Inc. Since 1995

Continuing Education coordinator Chairman and Treasure of the Profession Bail Agents of Idaho Inc. (P.B.A.I.) 2000-2008

President (P.B.A.I) 2009

    Astro Bail Bonds is dedicated in representing the bail industry with honesty, integrity, practices, and a vision for the future. We honor our client’s privacy and strive to produce the cheapest most effect bail services in Idaho.

#1 Rated Bail Bonds In The State Of Idaho

    You can depend on Astro Bail Bonds we'll be there when you need us most. Our clients are family to us and no one wants to see their family in jail. We are available anytime to help you out of these unexpected situations! Call us 24/7 ! 208-696-9653

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Updated: 01/28/2015

Our new website is now online! We hope you like it and will continue to visit the site frequently. We will be keeping you up to date with recent news and information about recent bail skppers.

Sample Bail Skipper:

Updated: 01/25/2015

Name: Sample Name

Last Seen: Boise, ID

DOB: 1/1/1990