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Thinking about getting a bail bond can be intimidating. With all of the rumors and misconceptions floating around about bail agents, it can be hard to know what to expect. To take some of the uncertainty out of bail bonds, the team at Astro Bail has come up with this list of five common bail bonds myths that needed to be debunked!

Bail Agents Are Bounty Hunters

It’s not uncommon for movies and television shows to lump bail bondsmen and bounty hunters together, but they are not one and the same!
While it’s true that bail bonds agents and bounty hunters can work closely together, it’s not true that every bail agent is a bounty hunter. There are fundamental differences between the two professions, and it may help you feel more comfortable seeking the aid of a bail bond if you know that.
The main difference? A bail bonds agent helps you secure a bond for a person who has been imprisoned, while a bounty hunter seeks out people who have skipped bail or an active arrest warrant and returns them to incarceration.

Bail Agents Only Accept Cash

Again, those bail agents in movies always seem to demand cold hard cash for payment, but did you know that most bail bonds agencies accept multiple forms of collateral? Cash is a great way to pay, it’s true, but agents do realize that it can be difficult to access the appropriate amount of cash at any given time.
Acceptable forms of collateral for a bail bond include credit card payments, jewelry, and much, much more. Having a loved one be arrested is stressful enough; good bail agents will work with you to make the process as easy as possible to secure their return home.

My Bail Agent Can Negotiate The Set Bail Amount

Unfortunately, a bail agent can’t do anything about the cost of a set bail amount. While your lawyer may be able to negotiate the cost to be lowered within reason, the only person with the power to set or alter the set cost of bail is a judge.

I Will Get My Money Back From The Bail Agent

A really common question for people who put up collateral for a bail bond: “Will I get my money back?” If you aren’t sure, don’t feel bad! In short, no, unfortunately, you will not.
If you put up an alternative form of collateral from monetary payments, you will most likely be able to make cash/credit payments to secure the return of those items, but the fee you pay the bail agent to secure a bond is non-refundable. This fee is security for the agent who is granting you a loan to ensure that their investment is protected.

Bail Is Too Expensive

When you see the price tag on bail, you might feel incredibly discouraged and like there’s nothing you can do except just accept that you or your loved one will have to stay in jail until their court hearing. However, a bail bond can help you immensely.
At Astro Bail Bonds, we guarantee the lowest possible costs for you. If you or a loved one needs bail, contact us today!