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In need of a bail bond, but not sure where to start? Maybe you don’t know anything about the bail system, or maybe you’re just looking for an agency that you know you can trust.
The team at Astro Bail Bonds knows that wading through all the information surrounding bail bonds can be overwhelming. That’s why we curated this list of frequently asked bail bonds questions to help get you some of your answers all in one place!

Can a Bail Bonds Agent Arrest You?

If you have skipped out on bail and missed your scheduled court appearance, then yes, your bail agent may pursue you, arrest you, and detain you for as long as necessary to get you to the proper authorities. Alternatively, the bail agency can employ bounty hunters to make the arrest to ensure their investment.
When a bail agency foots your bail, they do so under the assumption that you will comply and go through with your court appearances. If you fail to do so, then they are responsible for the full cost of your bail and you have broken your contract with the agency. When going into a bail agreement, make sure you understand your full responsibilities.

Can a Bail Bonds Agency Send You To Collections?

If you fail to follow your payment agreement with your bail bond agency, then yes, they can send you to collections. When you get a bail bond, it is like any other debt; you are expected to fulfill the terms of the bond and complete your repayment. When you break your agreement, then the agency has the right to obtain payment through the next steps in debt collection.

Are Bail Bonds Returned?

No, you do not get your money back from a bail bond. This is a loan to release you or a loved one from jail, and as such is subject to other loan standards; you must go through with the payments as per your original agreement with the agency, as the agency (in good faith) put forward the money needed for the release of you/your loved one. Make sure you fully understand all aspects of your bail bond agreement, and if you have any questions, ask your bail agent right away!

Can A Bail Bonds Agency Garnish Your Wages?

If you break the terms of your bail agreement, then yes, ultimately a bail agency can garnish your wages. First, the agency would take you to claims court; if you lost the case or failed to appear, then the agency could pursue a writ of execution to have you and/or whoever cosigned your bond have your wages garnished until the debt is paid in full. There are a handful of states that prevent this, but most states allow for wage garnishment.

Just Follow the Rules

If you follow the rules of your release and your bond agreement, you will never have to worry about many of the above worst-case scenarios. By understanding how bail works and communicating with your trusted bail agent, you can navigate the sticky situation you have found yourself in and hopefully avoid more trouble down the line.
If you or a loved one find yourself in need of a bail bond, don’t hesitate to contact Astro Bail Bonds today.