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So you’re out on bail. Great! You have accepted the responsibility to show up for your court appearance. But what happens if you don’t?
There are several things that can happen should you choose not to appear at your set hearing, and it’s important that you are aware of the consequences. Hopefully, you won’t ever be in that situation; but if you are, here are things that can happen when you skip out on bail in the state of Idaho.

Additional Charges

When you jump bail in Idaho, you face the risk of added charges to your record. As per Idaho law, if you skip out on bail you could be facing an additional misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the severity of the crime being tried when you failed to appear.

Steps The Court Can Take Against You

The court can also take other actions against you should you choose not to appear, further damaging your record. These actions include:

  • Issuing another notice to appear and/or fine
  • Issuing an immediate arrest warrant

To clarify further: the state of Idaho is required by law to issue a warrant for your arrest and notify the bail company of your failure to appear within five days of your absence in court.

You Forfeit Your Bond

Once the court notifies the bail bondsman who had put forward the bond of your failure to appear, that bond is now forfeit. This means if someone had put forward cash or possessions as collateral to bail you out, they could lose that collateral because of your failure to appear.
(Whether it is family or friends that agreed to sign for you they have placed their reputation and financial assuredness on the line for you. They can be sued, have their personal accounts debited and face the stress of having to track you down. The most important thing to remember is if you ever need them again they may not be willing to help you. So don’t miss court!)
There can be a period of time where this can be set right, but the length of time is up to the discretion of the court. When someone’s home or sentimental items are on the line, this can add duress to the friend or loved one who took out the bond for you.

An additional consequence: the bondsman can then hire a bounty hunter to find you and take you back to jail, where you will likely not be eligible for bail again before your court date.

Knowing the consequences ahead of time can help you to make smart decisions when it counts. If you have any questions regarding the terms of your bail bond, contact Astro Bail Bonds today so that we can help you make informed choices!